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Make a USDA or FDA 100% legal Nutritional Label

Why sometimes nutrition labels are incorrect?

There could be several reasons why a nutrition label maybe off target.

1. Information the label is based on is incorrect.

We at the site create nutrition labels based on information from our clients. Sometimes that in formation is incorrect or vague. many individuals think that one cup equals 8oz, that maybe true for water, but not for all things, one cup of sugar isn't the same weight as one cup of salt. Many of our clients use the word bunch example; 1 bunch of parsley. Those bunches are created by the vegetable store, so no two stores will be the same. Flour; there are many types of flour and each has a different nutrition value. If you're specific in your recipe a more precise nutrition label can be created.

2. Information the label is based on has changed

Most facilities realize making a product means, sticking to a recipe. In this way the product has a consistent taste. But, because of changes in the market, the recipe changes sometimes, one flour is changed for another, and that means nutrition values are also changed.

3. Weight of product has changed.

The USDA allows for generic changes to a label without resubmitting it for approval. One instant of a generic change is product weight. when the weight of the product changes so does the Nutritional information

4. Rounding of Values

If the nutrition label is based on very small amounts such as 10z or less, the nutrition information is almost rounded to zero. When you combine several products together, you get a different nutrition value, then if you were to combine the information on the label.