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Make a USDA or FDA 100% legal Nutritional Label

Get a barcode for your product

  • Barcodes are basically numbers that a computer can read, Its as simple as that. Instead of a cashier entering numbers on the register, she/he simply scans the barcodes into the computer and the computer does what it does with them, usually lookup the item and make a part of the sale.
  • There are several types of barcodes, each designed to function their own way, but all do the same thing. Have a computer read a bunch of numbers. We only issue UPC barcodes, if you need another please notify us.
  • The design of the UPC barcode: so that a computer can understand the barcode, it has been specially designed.
    • A. UPC barcodes are 12 digits in length
      B. The UPC barcodes are broken into 3 parts
      i. The first 6 digits are the company code
      ii. The next 5 numbers are the product code
      iii. The last digit is a checksum digit.
  • The UPC code we provide will be for our company so you don't get a choice as to the first 6 digits. The next six digits will be your own from our company.
  • If you wanted your own company set of numbers, Please be aware for small companies the fee is $750 first year $150 each additional year. You must file an application with
    Uniform Product Code Council Inc.
    7051 Corporate Way, Suite 201
    Dayton, OH 45459
  • It is not criminal to duplicate numbers. Therefore when you come across a duplicate barcode, there isn't much you can do about it. Usually a stern letter to the other company will resolve the issue, But a faster way is to generate a new number. You can try to use the civil courts to sue, but, you will have to prove how much money you lost, and what if this is an exported item ? are you going to sue a company in London or Germany ?

This statement is not given as legal advise. It should be taken as an opinion.

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