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Make a USDA or FDA 100% legal Nutritional Label

What is a Carbon Label ?

Created by the carbon trust, a U.K organization whose mission is to work with companies to reduce carbon emissions, a carbon label shows the amount of CO2 and Other greenhouse gasses released during the manufacture, distribution, use and disposal of a product.This is also called a cabon footprint.

Greener ways to conduct your business

It can be easy to become overwhelmed with sustainability and green trends if you try to focus on individual products. Instead, look at the overall environment impact of your company and find greener ways to conduct your daily operations, including:

  • Recycling.
  • Implementing green office measures such as turning off computers when not in use and switching to energy efficient light bulbs.
  • Initiating paper/packaging reduction policies.
  • Sourcing suppliers by taking into account environmental criteria such as thier distance from your manufacturing facility to reduce your energy footprint.
  • Sourcing goods from renewable resources

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