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Make a USDA or FDA 100% legal Nutritional Label

Expeditor Services Misrepresentation

What are the facts?

The fact is no one can promise your label will be approved by a certain date, furthermore no one can even promise your label will be approved, if they do, tell them to put it in writing.

We've been hearing stories of other companies promising to walk your application through the department. That's a laugh, The fact is once your label arrives at the USDA labeling dept. it gets logged in on a computer, which assigns it a number. After that it gets put on an inspectors desk, which handles your type of application, some will handle raw, others fully cooked, and so on... but once it sits on that desk, it's going nowhere. If there is 20 applications before you, then that's how long it will take to process the application, and if there is 50 then that's how long it takes, you can not walk it elsewhere, ha, ha.

There are certain situation where your application is put on top of the pile, the main one is if your application was denied, simply resubmit with the original application number, once logged back in, your application will go to the top of the pile, and your chances of getting approved become better, since the problems with the original application are taken care of.

Possible outcome of your application
a. "Denied" (too many things are wrong)
b. "Approved as modified" (Your label has been approved, but you must make changes)
c. "Approved"

We must caution you, there used to be a time when inspectors were relaxed about "Approved as modified", Today you will get denied for the smallest thing.

Here is where we shine above the rest

No one gives you this kind of information, because no one works so closely with the dept.

We make sure your label goes in with the greatest possible chance of getting approved, by reviewing your application and label, before submitting it.

We submit your label the same day. So you get put in as quickly as possible into the system.

The application is returned by U.S postal service, which has been known to get lost from time to time, That's why we offer expedited return services, something no one else does.

We stay on top of the latest regulation so we can advise you of the best course of action.