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Make a USDA or FDA 100% legal Nutritional Label

Labeling for Child Nutrition Programs

Did you know there is a special U.S. Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) labeling program for foods that are marketed to lunch programs ?

It is a big – and very important – job to plan, purchase, prepare, and serve nourishing meals for the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Child Nutrition Programs. Every day, your work helps fight hunger and improve the nutritional health of children in America.

The child nutrition program is run by the USDA's Food & Nutrition Service (FNS).

Having a child nutrition label on your product offers greater potential for marketing to child nutrition (CN) programs. The label statement provides assurance of accurate nutrition claims and clearly identifies the nutritional contribution of a product toward the FNS meal pattern requirement.

FNS evaluates your product's formulation to determine its nutritional contribution to school meals. You may then state this contribution on your label. The program also provides warranty to CN programs that purchase child nutrition-labeled products.

Main dish products that contribute to the meat component of school meals are eligible. a few examples of meat and poultry products that are eligible include beef patties, meat pizzas, meat and bean burritos, egg rolls, and chicken nuggets.

To carry a child nutrition label, your product must be inspected by FSIS or your state inspection program. In addition your product's nutritional contribution must be determined using yield set fourth in the USDA' Food buying guide for child nutrition programs.

Child nutrition-labeled product cost more. Tim Vazquez of the food and nutrition service explains that, "a child nutrition-labeled product may cost a little more then similar non-child nutrition labeled products because of special requirements, inspection cost, and additional quality controls. But many food firms find it to be cost effective.

A child nutrition label is easily identified by a distinct border that includes the child nutrition logo, enclosing the meal pattern contribution statement, a six-digit product identification number, the USDA/FNS authorization statement and the month and year of approval.

We at the site understand the special needs that schools lunch programs require. We are able to work with you to submit application to the USDA/FNS so you too can sell to school and reap your rewards.