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Export Your product in seven easy steps.

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Are your thinking of exporting your product ? If so. it's important to become familiar with regulatory requirement. To understand the regulatory process, it maybe helpful to review the information about export certification at index.asp At this site you'll find a handy checklist with seven easy steps to follow.

The first step is to become familiar with the requirements of the country to which you want to export. Most countries accept product from all federally inspected establishments, but some countries require that plants be pre-certified. If a country is not listed it should be assumed that nothing is known about that country's import requirements, and the agency will issue FSIS form 9060-5, "Meat and Poultry Export Certificate of Wholesomeness." Without any additional information provided in the "Remarks" section. For countries not listed, it is advised that exporters work closely with importers for information regarding eligibility of the product, certification requirements, and the existence of a valid permit for the product.

At the second step, you need to check if pre-certification is required.

Step three, obtain a copy of FSIS Form 9060-6, "Application for export certificate" from the inspector at your plant. After completing it, sign it, and present it to the inspector.

Step four, the inspector will perform export re-inspection according to FSIS Directive 9000.1 and 9040.1 and sign the application, as well as provide a blank export certificate or the certificate's serial number.

Step five, is to stamp the certificate's serial number on each shipping container with the export stamp, which is required by regulation.

Step six, is to present the export certificate for signature to the appropriate FSIS signing official along with any other certificates required by the country. Most certificates maybe signed by the inspector, but some countries might require the signature of the FSIS public health veterinarian. The country requirement will indicate when the signature of the FSIS public health veterinarian is required.

For the last step, the original copy of the certificate is provided to the exporter and must be provided to the importing country with the shipment. Although FSIS form 9060-5 is the generic export certificate issued for most countries, some countries require a dedicated certificate.