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Make a USDA or FDA 100% legal Nutritional Label

Consulting On an Ongoing Basis

A facility Consultant can help save you money.
We understand dealing with the USDA is an ongoing process and not a one time thing. As business owner you have no time to deal with the USDA, and no time to keep current on regulation or have the time and sometimes the money to make changes to your facility simply to accommodate the USDA which changes regulation with the prevailing wind.

That is why we offering within the Tri-State area this program to help business owners deal with such matters.

Our process is very simple and straight forward.

  • Meet and Greet
  • Review of all facility materials, and familiarization of facility operations
  • Ongoing Work
  • Timely Review of logs, and corrections
  • Answering NR (non-compliance of regulations)
  • Updating facility on current regulations
  • Yearly review of HACCP and SSOP
  • Dealing with Facility Inspectors within a reasonable amount of time.
  • Labeling issues
  • New products
  • and More...

Fee is based on facility size and operations. To discuss your particular needs call us... 718-382-1226, Leave a message if you don't get anyone.