1. Please select type of submission... Labeling dept. or Generic Approval, then update quantity, default is 1.

a. If your label has a claim on it, you must select Labeling Dept., approval can take two weeks.

...Claims can be "Special claims", "Guarantees", or "Foreign language"... like "waygu" or "all natural" or "high in protein"

b. If your label doesn't have a claim you can choose Generic approval which takes 24-48 hours, or Labeling Dept. which can take 2 months. That's because labels with claims take priority.

2. Price is per label not per submission, If your label isn't approved we will re-submit for free !

3. Refund Policy: Once a payment is made, you can request a cancelation for a refund, or if we cannot submit we will issue a refund. Refunds are 95% of the price you paid. We pay PayPal a fee which isn't refundable. Once a label has been submitted there will be NO REFUNDS.

If you are ready to proceed... Select an option

Submission Option

After Making a Payment, send your label and supporting documentation if any to: usdafda@yahoo.com


You will need to send me the following:
1. Submission form 7234
2. The label you want to submit for approval
3. Supporting documentation for any claims made on your label